Kings of America by R.J. Ellory

‘Kings of America’ is set in the late 1930s through to the 1960s in New York and Los Angeles and is the story of 3 young immigrants – Danny McCabe from Ireland and Nicolas and Lucia Mariani from Corsica.

Danny is on the run and using a false name after killing a cop in Ireland. He is a fighter and dreams of a career in the boxing ring.

Lucia has always dreamed of being a Hollywood star. Nicky’s aim is to get his sister to Hollywood, but beyond that he dreams of riches – any way he can get them.

Neither Danny or Lucia get quite what they hoped for while Nicky works his way up the Mob hierarchy (despite not being Italian). And they have a persistent detective breathing down their necks.


I normally find R.J. Ellory one of the best writers around and I have enjoyed all of his novels that I’ve read – except for this one.

The writing in this novel was good but not quite up to Ellory’s brilliant standards. I also don’t particularly enjoy novels about organised crime in America.

I’m sure that R.J. Ellory’s next novel will be back up to his normal very high standard.


Book Published 2017


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