Make Me by Lee Child

‘Make Me’ is the 20th Reacher novel by Lee Child, following the ex-military drifter Jack Reacher as he tours America righting wrongs.

Reacher has decided to travel to the small Oklahoma town of Mother’s Rest to find out how it got its name. But as soon as he steps of the train he meets ex-FBI agent, now private investigator Michelle Chang. She is looking for her partner Keever who went missing from the town. As Soon as Reacher meets Chang he knows he has to help her.

Reacher doesn’t find a nice little town with a monument to someone’s mother, instead he finds a town of hostile people who are keen for him to leave.

Chang knows nothing about Keever’s case. It takes a long time and trips to Oklahoma City, Chicago and LA before they manage to find out Keever’s client and what he was looking for. Along the way they are chased by Ukrainian gangsters, save a family from being killed, venture into a drug dealer’s house, and discover information they would rather not have known about the deep web.

They eventually return to Mother’s Rest for a show down with the most depraved group of men they have ever met.


This was an excellent, action packed Reacher novel. I think Reacher might be slowing down as he seemed to want to keep his latest woman rather than walking away.

The crime around which the story was based was completely sickening – I could have done without some of the details.

I’m looking forward to reading the next action packed Reacher novel – ‘Night School’.


Book Published 2015


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