Stuart MacBride Profile and Books

Stuart MacBride was born in 1969 in Dumbarton, Scotland but moved to Aberdeen as a young child.

He briefly studied architecture at University but lost interest. He worked on offshore oil rigs, then as a graphic designer, actor, undertaker, studio manager, web designer, programmer, and IT Project Manager. While moving through his various jobs, he wrote his first novel – ‘Cold Granite’ and was eventually able to become a full-time writer.

His hugely successful series featuring police detective Logan McRae is set in and around Aberdeen.

MacBride lives in north-east Scotland with his wife.


Logan McRae novels

  • Cold Granite (#1) (2005)
  • Dying Light (#2) (2006)
  • Broken Skin/Bloodshot (#3) (2007)
  • Flesh House (#4) (2008)
  • Blind Eye (#5) (2009)
  • Dark Blood (#6) (2010)
  • Shatter the Bones (#7) (2011)
  • Partners in Crime (short stories) (2012)
  • Close to the Bone (#8) (2013)
  • The 45% Hangover (short story) (2014)
  • 22 Dead Little Bodies (short story) (2015)
  • The Missing and the Dead (#9) (2015)
  • In the Cold Dark Ground (#10) (2016)
  • Now We Are Dead (#11) (2017)
  • The Blood Road (#12) (2018)

Ash Henderson novels

  • Birthdays for the Dead (#1) (2012)
  • A Song for the Dying (#2) (2014)

Other works

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