Worth Dying For by Lee Child

‘Worth Dying For’ is Lee Child’s 15th Reacher novel.

At the end of the previous novel ’61 Hours’ we were left wondering if Jack Reacher was dead or alive. He obviously survived, since the series continues. The injured Reacher is now on his way to visit Susan in Virginia but gets held up for a while in a small rural community in Nebraska.

Reacher was planning to stay for one night and then be on his way, but he ends up helping the very drunk local doctor attend a battered patient and then gives the patient’s husband the treatment he deserves.

Now the husband Seth Duncan, his father, his two uncles and the ex footballer bodyguards (the cornhuskers) they employ are all out to get Reacher. Because the Duncans are a family of bullies. They control all transport in the county and use the cornhuskers to keep the farmers in line.

We are also made aware of another line of business that the Duncans have. They are bringing some goods into the country and they are at the bottom of a chain of toughs all waiting on the goods.

Reacher also decides to investigate an old crime in the area. 20 years ago an 8 year old girl disappeared without trace.

The stories run together and pretty soon Reacher is taking on the Duncans, the cornhuskers and various professional tough guys in his usual style. Even for a Reacher novel, this one was exceptionally violent. And the underlying story was heartbreaking.

The story was excellently put together and the action rocketed along through the novel. By the end of the story some of the locals were even able to stand up for themselves.

I’m looking forward to the next novel – ‘The Affair’.


Book Published 2010


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