After You Die by Eva Dolan

‘After You Die’ is the 3rd novel by Eva Dolan featuring DI Dushan Zigic and DS Mel Ferreira of the Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit. The first two in the series are – ‘Long Way Home’ and ‘Tell No Tales’.

Holly Prentice became severely disabled after a climbing accident. Soon after, she and her mother Dawn started being harassed. Eventually they came to the attention of Ferreira. But Ferreira has been forced to take leave after a work injury and hasn’t followed up for a while.

When the house next door is badly damaged in a gas explosion, Dawn Prentice’s body is found with multiple stab wounds. She died several days earlier and Holly, left unattended, died a few days later.

There’s no shortage of suspects for Zigic and his team to follow up. The person who was harassing them could have taken things further. Dawn’s ex-husband could have over-reacted to the messy divorce. An anti-euthanasia campaigner felt that Dawn was encouraging Holly to take her own life. Dawn had a recent falling out with a close friend. Dawn had a string of men through the house that she met through dating sites.

To make the investigation more difficult, one of the suspects is being protected by another police department, and Zigic is fighting to keep the case – was it really a hate crime?

I was surprised when the perpetrator was revealed.


This is the best novel in the series so far. It moved away from being purely about hate crimes, but still portrayed the very worst of some people.

I enjoyed continuing to delve into the personal lives of both Zigic and Ferreira, two totally different but very interesting characters.

I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – ‘Watch Her Disappear’.


Book Published 2016


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