From Potter’s Field by Patricia Cornwell

‘From Potter’s Field’ is the 6th Kay Scarpetta novel by Patricia Cornwell, featuring Virginia Chief Medical Examiner and FBI Consultant Kay Scarpetta.

The FBI has been notified of another victim of long term serial killer Temple Gault. And unlike the last time, this victim really is one of Gault’s. A young woman has been killed and displayed in New York’s central park, naked in the Christmas snow. She was obviously homeless, but there are some distinguishing features that should help to identify her.

But as Kay begins to investigate, it becomes clear that Gault is killing people as a gift to her and he is tracking every movement that Kay and her niece Lucy make. Heavily guarded, Kay and Lucy continue with the investigation.

Meanwhile Kay and Benton’s affair has hit the guilt stage, so much angst. Kay always got on with Benton’s wife Connie and now can’t face her. How does Benton continue to face her?

Captain Pete Marino continues to be his oafish, racist, sexist, homophobic self. Kay continues to stand up for him.

With Temple Gault targeting Kay, everyone around her is in danger and the body count is rising. Will Kay finally manage to put a stop to this crazed serial killer?


Some parts of this novel were excellent, but some other parts, particularly dealing with relationships were less enjoyable (even if they were realistic). Hopefully we’ll soon see a resolution to the Benton Wesley problem and a nicer side to Pete Marino.

The forensics descriptions were brilliant as usual.

The next novel in the series is – ‘Cause of Death’.


Book Published 1995


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