Clear To the Horizon by Dave Warner

‘Clear To the Horizon’ is a crime novel by West Australian musician and author Dave Warner. This novel features characters from two of his earlier novels – Snowy Lane from ‘City of Lights’ and Dan Clement from ‘Before it Breaks’. But it is not necessary to have ready either of the earlier novels.

In 1999 Snowy Lane, a Private Detective, was hired by the O’Grady family to find their missing daughter Caitlin. She was one of three girls who had gone missing over several months from outside a nightclub in Perth. Lane was not able to find Caitlin or any sign of the other girls. The police hounded a man to suicide and named him as the abductor, but Lane was sure this was the wrong man and he never stopped thinking of the case.

Now 16 years later, Lane is searching for another missing girl. His search takes him to Port Hedland and to Broome where he meets with police detective Dan Clement. While in Broome, Lane finds a clue to the earlier case involving the 3 missing girls. Is there a relationship between the earlier case and his current case.

With the discovery of the new information, Lane and Clement are now on the trail of a serial abductor and murderer and this time Lane is determined to find the culprit.

The novel takes us through the vast distances of the West Australian outback searching for a man who has got away with murder for 16 years. It is Lane’s hope to be able to return the bodies to the parents. But with the case so old, memories have faded and Lane struggles each step of the way. He can’t tell if the things he discovers are related or not.

As Lane and Clement get closer to the killer, they form a bond that will last a lifetime.


This was another brilliantly atmospheric novel from Dave Warner. I loved ‘Before it Breaks’, and this novel is just as good. The main characters that Warner has created are brilliant. They are fallible and carry their whole lives around with them – just like real people.

I enjoyed the character of Snowy Lane and hope to read ‘City of Lights’ to find out more about him. I’m also looking forward to Dave Warner’s next novel.


Published 2017


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