Come Back to Me by Sara Foster

‘Come Back to Me’ was Sara Foster’s first novel and it was amazingly good. It is set in London and Perth, the two places that Sara Foster knows best.

Chloe and Alex are a happily married couple and things are going well for them. Then they meet up for dinner with Chloe’s work colleague Mark and his date Julia and suddenly everything changes. By the look of shock on their faces, it is obvious that Alex and Julia know each other and are shocked to see each other.

Chloe also has a secret that she was looking forward to sharing with Alex, but since Julia’s arrival she is no longer sure about it. She fears that Alex is having an affair. He denies it but is still secretive.

As Alex starts to spend time with Julia, Chloe feels completely betrayed. Alex needs to address some things that happened in his past. Mark, seeing the rift developing between Chloe and Alex, sees an opportunity. He dated Chloe for a while but let her go and has wanted her back ever since.

Finally Alex and Julia retrace their steps from ten years earlier. But can any of the four of them ever be truly happy again?


This was an excellent novel with each of the four main characters so well developed that it was easy to walk in their shoes. I also loved some of the secondary characters – Mark’s father, Chloe’s mother, Alex’s brother and Julia’s mother.

I have enjoyed some of Sara Foster’s later novels – ‘All That is Lost Between Us’ and ‘The Hidden Hours’ but it was good to go back to her first novel.


Published 2010


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