In The Morning I’ll Be Gone by Adrian McKinty

IN THE MORNING I’LL BE GONE is the 3rd novel in Adrian McKinty’s Sean Duffy series.

Duffy has upset his senior officers and been demoted from Detective Inspector to Sergeant before being forced out of the police force completely.

That is until MI5 discover that Duffy is an old school friend of Dermot McCann. McCann is an IRA terrorist who was part of a mass prison escape. He and a number of others are still on the run and have been training in Libya. MI5 believe that Duffy’s knowledge of McCann and his family can help them, so Duffy negotiates a reinstatement as Detective Inspector.

But when it comes to finding McCann, Duffy has no ideas. When he sets out to reinterview the families, he gets the same treatment as everyone else. The families are hostile and won’t tell the police anything.

Duffy gets distracted into a murder investigation. It is a case where the death was ruled as an accident but some believe there was more to it. It is a locked room mystery.

Finally Duffy gets a lead on the whereabouts of Dermot McCann. Can he be captured to slow down the IRA bombing campaign?


Like the previous two Sean Duffy novels, this one was excellent. It was full of the fear, violence and desperation of Northern Ireland in the early 1980s.

Sean Duffy is an excellently drawn character. I also enjoyed the other two main characters in this novel – Mary Fitzpatrick and Kate.

I’m looking forward to meeting Duffy again in the next novel in the series – GUN STREET GIRL.


Book Published 2014


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