The Likeness by Tana French

‘The Likeness’ is the 2nd novel in the Dublin Murder Squad series by Tana French.

After the events of the previous novel ‘In The Woods’ Cassie Maddox left the Murder Squad to work for domestic violence. Rob also left, but Sam O’Neill continued with the squad and also began a relationship with Cassie. Now Sam has a very disturbing case. The body of a young woman has been found and she looks so much like Cassie that initially Sam is convinced that it is her.

Also involved in the case is Frank Mackey who heads undercover cases. He was Cassie’s boss when she went undercover as Lexie Madison. The murdered woman is also calling herself Lexie Madison.

Frank sees an opportunity to claim that Lexie was only injured and insert Cassie into her life to find out why she is using the false name and who murdered her.

Lexie lived in an old house with four very close friends, so it will take all of Cassie’s skills to get away with taking on Lexie’s life. And she will be in a potentially dangerous situation if one of the housemates was the murderer.

Cassie is accepted as Lexie but what she discovers is the life and the family that she has been missing all her life. She finds herself caught between wanting to solve the case and wanting to keep living the ideal life she has discovered.

But eventually her push for answers causes the cracks to start to show in Lexie’s life. Now Cassie is in danger of losing everything, including Sam and the life they had.


The premise for this story is ridiculously unlikely. Only a writer of Tana French’s skill could make this novel work as well as it did.

I found the novel very long and a bit difficult to get into. It took ages for Cassie to decide to go undercover when it was always obvious to the reader that she eventually would. I also missed Rob a lot as he was the character that I loved from the first novel.

This was a very atmospheric novel – the creepy house and the creepy friends.

I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – ‘Faithful Place’ where we will hopefully see more of Rob and even more hopefully Rob and Cassie together.


Published 2008


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