In Dust and Ashes by Anne Holt

In Dust and Ashes is the 10th novel by Anne Holt featuring Oslo Detective Hanne Wilhelmsen. All novels in the series have now been translated into English.

Hanne continues to work from home assisted by the young and awkward police officer Henrik Holme. But since exposing a network of right wing extremists in their previous case together, there have been no more cases for them. Hanne searches the internet looking for cases to solve and finally finds a suicide that she strongly suspects is a murder.

Meanwhile, Henrik is approached by a retiring police officer – he believes there was a miscarriage of justice and the wrong man was jailed for murder, he wants Henrik to prove the man’s innocence. When Henrik studies the details, he suspects that the death was suicide, but 15 years later it will be difficult to prove.

The police don’t have much time for Hanne and Henrik because everyone in Oslo is obsessed with the kidnapping of a 3 year old girl.

Both Hanne and Henrik carry out their investigations without the approval of their bosses and against what is believed in the cases. It is only when they start to make headway that they get the Oslo police involved. Along the way they find a connection between the two cases.

Then as they finally start to reach a resolution, they find another connection to the case of missing 3 year old Hedda.


This was a complicated but fascinating novel. The linking between the cases was very realistic and the characters were all very believable.

Anne Holt has said that this is the final novel in the series. I would love for the series to continue. The character of Henrik Holme has been developing over the last 2 novels and I feel that he has still got a long way to go.

This was been an amazing series and I recommend it to all lovers of crime fiction and of Scandinavian fiction.


Published English (2017)


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