Down Among the Dead Men by Peter Lovesey

‘Down Among the Dead Men’ is the 15th novel in the Peter Diamond series by Peter Lovesey.

Before we even meet Diamond in this novel we are treated to two events.

The GCSE Art students at a private girls school in Sussex are not unhappy when their boring art teacher leaves the school. They are ecstatic when they see her replacement – young, male, good-looking, drives an MG, not a stickler for the rules. But one student becomes concerned when she finds her old teacher on a police missing persons list. The conversations between the students are a delight.

Years ago a young man who was a known car thief was stopped in a stolen car. When a body was found in the boot, he was jailed for life as an accessory to murder. He has always insisted that the body was already there when he stole the car. Now new information has come to light and the officer in charge of the case has been suspended pending investigation.

Diamond’s boss Georgina Dalleymore has been asked to investigate the Sussex detective and she has ordered Diamond to accompany her to Sussex. It isn’t till they arrive that Diamond finds out who they are investigation.

Naturally Diamond and Dalleymore quickly exceed their original brief and find themselves investigating a whole series of murders and disappearances along the Sussex coast.


This is one of the best novels in the series. The story was fairly complicated until all the seemingly unrelated components slotted together.

The characters were excellent. The schoolgirls were entertaining and fairly true to life. It was good to catch up with Diamond’s colleague Hen Mallin again. Even Georgina Dalleymore was fairly likeable in this novel.

I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – ‘Another One Goes Tonight’.


Book Published 2015


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