London Rules by Mick Herron

‘London Rules’ is the 5th novel in Mick Herron’s Slow Horses series which follows the misfit group of disgraced spies who have been exiled to work at Slough House (in the hope that they will leave the service).

A village is attacked. The description of the circumstances sounds like somewhere in the Middle East, but it is actually a village in England. 12 people are killed and ISIS quickly claims responsibility, but this doesn’t seem right.

Meanwhile the Slough House computer genius, Roddy (the Rodster) Ho, is being targeted. Firstly he is rescued from being hit by a car by one of his colleagues, and then there is an attack in his home.

The village attack is quickly followed by two other events and one of the slow horses, J.K. Coe quickly realises the reason for the attacks around England and subsequently the reason that Roddy has been targeted.

Now the group from Slough House are trying to stop the next attacks in the sequence from happening. As usual with the slow horses, things don’t go quite to plan. I’m not sure if they’ve made things better or worse and once again their obnoxious leader Jackson Lamb is left to smooth things over.


This was another fun outing with the slow horses and their strange combination of incompetence and brilliance. As usual Mick Herron has included current events in the novel such as the current political climate as the UK prepares for Brexit.

Herron’s writing was brilliant as usual, and very funny in places. The whole novel would have been hilarious if some of events hadn’t been so serious.

I have enjoyed all of the novels in this series and this was one of the best. I’m looking forward to the next addition as well as anything else that Mick Herron writes.


Published 2018


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