Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic

‘Resurrection Bay’ is Emma Viskic’s debut novel and the first in a series featuring Caleb Zelic and set in Melbourne and country Victoria.

Caleb has been profoundly deaf since childhood. He mostly gets by OK using a combination of sign language, lip reading, and studying body movements and facial expressions to understand what is going on around him.

But when his close childhood friend Senior Constable Gary Marsden is murdered and Caleb becomes a suspect, he must rely on others to help him. He turns to his private investigation colleague ex-cop Frankie, but Frankie is struggling with issues of her own. The only clue they have to go on is the name Scott which Gary texted to Caleb shortly before he died.

By investigating Gary’s death, Caleb places his friends and family, most of whom live in the small town of Resurrection Bay, in danger. He believes that Detective Uri Tedesco is on his side, but he can’t be sure who he can trust.

Can Caleb find Gary’s killer while keeping himself and those he loves alive.


This was a brilliant novel with most of the story told through the eyes of a deaf man trying to hide his disability in a hearing world. There was a real diversity of characters, ageing ex-cop Frankie, Caleb’s ex-druggy brother, his Koori ex-wife Kat and her extended family and a whole cast of people who Caleb understood or failed to understand.

The story was fast paced and with the book being fairly short, it was a quick and riveting read.

I’m looking forward to meeting Caleb again (and hopefully some of the other characters) in the next novel in the series – ‘And Fire Came Down’.


Published 2015

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