The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

‘The Lost Symbol’ is the 3rd novel by Dan Brown featuring Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon.

This novel is set in Washington DC where Langdon has been called as a last minute replacement for a conference speaker. The person who has requested his presence is his long time friend, Peter Solomon who is a highly respected businessman and a 33rd degree (the highest) mason.

But when Langdon arrives in the capitol, things are not what they seem. There is no conference and a macabre invitation has been left for Langdon. He must solve a masonic puzzle that has been around for hundreds of years in order to save his friend Peter from the clutches of a madman.

But the madman has also involved others – Peter’s sister Katherine and his masonic colleague Warren Bellamy. The CIA  also gets in on the act as the situation is considered a matter of national security.

While Robert has confidence in Katherine, it takes him a long time before he works out who else he can trust. Is he willing to give up what he has found so far in order to get help with the next steps. And is he willing to hand over masonic secrets to a madman in order to save the life of one man.

The novel involves a mad dash through both secret and well known places in Washington as Robert and Katherine battle to unravel the code – an expert symbologist and a scientist.

As the story progresses we are led to question the meaning of … just about everything.


This was another entertaining novel for this series as once again Dan Brown has made the impossible almost feasible and blurred the lines between fact and fiction.

Unusually for me (I normally prefer to read) I listened to an audiobook for this novel as I was driving a lot at the time. For a novel such as this, I think that worked very well and made the story very absorbing.

I am enjoying this series – far fetched but very entertaining. I have already read the next novel in the series – INFERNO, so I will be moving on to number 5 in the series – ORIGIN.


Published 2009


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