This is How it Ends by Eva Dolan

‘This is How it Ends’ is a standalone psychological thriller by Eva Dolan. It takes us into the world of social activism in London

Molly is a long term social activist who was involved in the protests at Greenham Common. She lives in an apartment building where developers have been gradually buying up apartments with the view to building luxury apartments. They are not offering much and the tenants won’t be able to afford to purchase in the area. Molly is one of a handful of tenants still holding out.

Ella is a PHD student new to activism. She comes from a wealthy background. It has taken a lot of work for her to be accepted by the other activists, but after being battered by a policeman during a protest, she was taken more seriously. She has developed a mother daughter relationship with Molly.

During a party in the apartment block, Ella kills a man. She convinces Molly that it was an accident and together they hide his body in the lift shaft. But the event traumatises both women and they must hold their nerve when questioned by the police after the body is found. The tension causes the two women to question what each has done. Was the death really and accident? Did Ella really not know the man?

The story is told from Ella’s and Molly’s perspectives in alternate chapters and with some chapters set in the past. As the tension builds, the separate stories gradually converge on the truth.


Once again Eva Dolan has taken us to a world that most of us don’t normally see and highlighted an issue that affects most large cities – gentrification and the abandonment of the city’s poorer residents.

I love Eva Dolan’s writing and her character creation and in this novel, her ability to build tension.

I’m still working through Dolan’s Zigic and Ferriera series and I also look forward to her next novel.


Published 2018


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