Angels Flight by Michael Connelly

‘Angel’s Flight’ is the 6th Harry Bosch novel by Michael Connelly. The name refers to a trolley car loved by locals and tourists for navigating one of LA’s many hills.

Late one night, black civil rights lawyer Howard Elias is found murdered in one of the trolley cars. His specialty was suing the LAPD for abuse of their powers, particularly regarding black suspects. It seems that Harry Bosch is one of the few detectives he has never sued, so the case is assigned to Bosch and his two offsiders Kizmin Rider and Jerry Edgar. They are to be assisted by some internal affairs officers (including Chastain who Bosch hates) and the FBI.

But LA is on the brink of another riot and the population needs Elias’s murderer to be a cop. Bosch’s superiors are doing everything to keep the peace even if it hampers the investigation.

Bosch turns his attention to Elias’s current case. Harris was arrested for the abduction of an 11 year old girl and tortured in custody. It doesn’t take Bosch long to discover that Harris was innocent. The circumstances of Stacey Kincaid’s abduction and subsequent murder are so horrid that the LAPD quickly cover them up.

Finding Elias’s murderer takes a bit more effort and the LAPD bosses have already chosen a scapegoat before Bosch works it out. By the rime he finds his man, it is too late to save another’s reputation. But there is justice of sorts.

While the case is progressing, Harry’s one year marriage to Eleanor Wish is falling apart.


This was an excellent and complex novel. There was a huge amount going on but it was easy enough to keep track of. Most of the story was viewed solely through the eyes of Harry Bosch, an interesting and complex man.

I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – A DARKNESS MORE THAN NIGHT which features both Harry Bosch and Terry McCaleb.


Book Published 1999


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