Blood Work by Michael Connelly

‘Blood Work’ is the 1st novel by Michael Connelly featuring ex-FBI agent Terry McCaleb. He appears again in a later novel ‘A Darkness More than Night’ alongside Connelly’s main hero Harry Bosch.

Terry McCaleb was a very successful FBI Agent tracking serial killers and constantly living on the edge. Two years ago his job caught up with him and he experienced severe heart problems. Now he is recovering from heart surgery. He was incredibly lucky to receive a heart in time given his rare blood group.

McCaleb is living on and repairing his boat and avoiding stress when he is approached by Gaciella Rivers. Her sister was murdered, the police are stalled in the investigation and Graciella wants McCaleb to find the killer. McCaleb is reluctant to take the case but Gaciella has information that makes McCaleb feel obliged to investigate.

It doesn’t take long for McCaleb to find holes in the police investigation. He also links the murder to others and before long he is in his element tracking a serial killer. He also starts a relationship with Graciella.

But this killer is clever and pretty soon McCaleb becomes the hunted rather than the hunter.

His relationship with the LAPD and FBU doesn’t go smoothly either and pretty soon he becomes a suspect.

After many clever twists and turns, McCaleb identifies the killer, but the story isn’t over yet.


It was only when looking back over this novel that I realised how full of stereotypes and clichés it was. While reading, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was cleverly plotted and very smoothly written.

McCaleb was an excellent character and I’m looking forward to meeting him again in A DARKNESS MORE THAN NIGHT, but before then I have another Harry Bosch novel to read – ANGELS FLIGHT.


Book Published 1998


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