Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner

‘Missing, Presumed’ is the first novel in a series by Susie Steiner featuring DS Manon Bradshaw.

Manon is a 39 year old detective who is very conscious of her single status and feels the ‘clock ticking’. During the novel she embarks on a number of amusing to the reader, soul destroying to her internet dates. But she is dedicated to her job and to the latest case. But Manon is certainly not the only well developed character in this novel.

The latest case is that of missing 24 year old Edith Hind. She went missing from her apartment one night with the door left open and signs of a possible struggle. She is the daughter of Sir Ian and lady Hind. He is a surgeon and includes the royal family among his patients. Manon and the team are very aware that the first 72 hours are critical in a missing persons case, after which they may as well look for a dead body.

The story is presented from a number of different perspectives which change with each chapter. The story tellers include Manon, Manon’s boss Miriam, colleague Davey, Edith’s best friend Helena, and her mother. Each of the voices is unique but together they present the story seamlessly.


The actual mystery was not all that complex. The power of the book was in the characters and how they told the story. There was humour, sadness, tragedy, social issues and a lot of family secrets. I really got to like quite a few of the characters and hope to see more of them – Manon, Miriam and Davey.

This novel was a very enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the DS Manon Bradshaw series – ‘Persons Unknown’.


Published 2016


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