Hangman by Daniel Cole

HANGMAN is the 2nd novel in the Detective William Fawkes series by Daniel Cole, the sequel to RAGDOLL. Fawkes doesn’t have much of a role in this novel but we see a lot of his colleague, newly promoted DCI Emily Baxter.

A murder/suicide in New York is connected to the Ragdoll murders which occurred 18 months ago. Special Agents Elliot Curtis of the FBI and Damien Rouche of the CIA arrive in England to interview convicted ragdoll killer Lethaniel Masse. As the person believed to have captured Masse, Baxter is invited to attend the interview. She is terrified that the truth will come out – she was not the one to capture Masse. She is saved from embarrassment when a number of prisoners, including Masse, are murdered in a prison riot. The 2 murdered prisoners have the words Puppet and Bait tattooed on their chests, as did the murder/suicide victims in New York.

Baxter travels to New York with Curtis and Rouche to help track those responsible. The body count continues to increase dramatically. Finally there is a terrorist attack that the detectives fail to prevent. Fearing a similar attack in London, Baxter and Rouche return to try to prevent it. Finally Baxter has an idea of what all off the different killers might have in common.


This was an action packed and very gory (on par with RAGDOLL) novel. I found it absolutely riveting. Baxter, Rouche and Curtis were all excellent characters but I missed Fawkes running the show his own way.

Although This was a very entertaining and enjoyable novel, it just didn’t hit the same heights as Daniel Cole’s 1st novel.

There is a 3rd novel planned for this trilogy. I’m looking forward to reading it and I’m hoping that it is as good as RAGDOLL.


Published 2018


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