Love Story, With Murders by Harry Bingham

‘Love Story, With Murders’ is the 2nd novel by Harry Bingham featuring the very unusual DC Fiona Griffiths.

Fiona and another officer attend a call out where an unusual package has been found during the cleanup of the house of a woman who has died. A woman’s leg has been found, complete with shoe, wrapped in plastic in a chest freezer.

Pretty soon the hunt is on for other body parts, some of which are found in neighbours’ gardens, sheds and garages. But the police searchers get more than they expected. It is soon clear that there are pieces of a second body. The two bodies are soon identified. The first was a woman who had been missing for over 5 years while the second was a man who had only recently gone missing.

While searching for a link between the two victims, Fiona finds that the murdered man was a friend of a man who recently committed suicide in prison.

It seems that every investigation path leads to a dead end and fairly soon Fiona is the only one digging deeper to find the truth. She has a connection with the dead and feels that she must find the truth for them. She is supported by her boss DCI Rhiannon Watkins, a woman who most of the officers are afraid of. Fiona builds a connection with Watkins (both of them are misfits) and they even become friends.

But as Fiona gets closer to the truth, her own life is placed in danger. And only working outside of the law will get her the answers that she needs.

Meanwhile, Fiona continues to develop her relationship with her boyfriend Buzz – living on Planet Normal. She has also started to investigate her past – how did she come to be left with her adoptive parents and what trauma happened in her childhood that led to her mental illness.


This 2nd novel was as good as the first, I loved them both and Fiona is a loveable character. The surrounding characters are also excellent, but Fiona steals the show. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the characters and especially Fiona in the next novel in the series – ‘The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths’.


Published 2013


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