Origin by Dan Brown

‘Origin’ is the 5th novel by Dan Brown featuring world famous religious iconologist professor Robert Langdon. For those of you familiar with Dan Brown, this novel very much follows the usual pattern.

An ex student of Langdon’s from Harvard, Edmond Kirsch is a futurist who is famous for his predictions and his high-tech research and inventions. Now Kirsch is holding a function to announce a breakthrough that will answer the questions – where do we come from and where are we going. Kirsch is well known as an atheist, so the answers to these questions are not expected to have much to do with God.

But during the presentation there is a catastrophe that leaves Kirsch unable to finish the presentation and answer these questions. Now Langdon, along with the woman who was helping Kirsch organise the presentation – Ambra Vidal, set out to present Kirsch’s amazing findings to the world. Meanwhile, a religiously inspired assassin is intent on stopping Kirsch’s findings from seeing the light of day.

To make matters a bit more complicated, Ambra is engaged to the future king of Spain and the prince’s guards want nothing other to keep her safe and out of the limelight.

And of course there is a secret key that will allow Langdon to access Kirsch’s findings.

What follows is a mad dash around various famous buildings in Spain as Langdon and Vidal follow the secret trail, chased by royal guards and a mad murderer.


The was yet another brilliantly entertaining novel by Dan Brown where it is best not to think too hard and to just enjoy the ride.

The religious controversy very much faded into the background of the adventure. The real controversy was more to do with artificial intelligence.

There were some very colourful characters in this novel, the assassin, the king and the bishop and Winston of course.

The real question of the novel is – what happens when computers start to think and make decisions for themselves.

I’m looking forward to the next addition to this series.


Published 2017


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