Pilgrim’s War by Michael Jecks

PILGRIM’S WAR is the first novel in a new series by Michael Jecks about the crusades. This novel is about the first crusade – the pilgrim’s crusade.

In 1096 the Pope Urban II decided that Christians should take the birth place of Jesus back from the heretic Saracens. In cities all over Europe, preachers inspired people to take part in a pilgrimage that could not fail because it was blessed by God. Those who took part would have their sins forgiven and receive great riches. In the French city of Sens, a man known as the Hermit spoke in the square and inspired many followers.

Two brothers decided to join the pilgrimage. Fulk a blacksmith was keen for adventure, while Odo a baker had more religious reasons for joining. Sybille and Benet along with their daughter and servant joined. Benet was easily swayed by the promise of riches and the rest of the family had no choice. Jeanne and Guillemette were prostitutes sick of being abused by men. They were attracted by the promise of forgiveness. Sir Roger was a young man who wanted to achieve the same greatness as his father. Newly knighted, he took a small force to fight the Saracens.

These were just some of the tens of thousands of pilgrims who were sure to win because God was on their side.

Along the way, they faced challenges that they could not have imagined and not all of them were to survive to reach the lands for which they were destined.


I love learning about history with some personable fictitious characters stepping through time to make it fun to read. Michael Jecks has created an excellent group of characters to bring history to life in this story so that we can feel their anguish while walking their path.

This is the first novel in a trilogy and I’m hoping that some of the main characters from this novel will continue into the other novels.

I can’t wait for the second instalment.


Published 2018


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