Lost by Michael Robotham

LOST is the 2nd novel by Michael Robotham featuring London psychiatrist Joseph O’Laughlin. But O’Laughlin only has a minor role in this novel, the main character this time is detective Vincent Ruiz who also featured in the first novel in the series – THE SUSPECT.

3 years ago Ruiz investigated the disappearance of missing 7 years old girl Mickey Carlyle. Now Ruiz has woken in hospital with a bullet wound in his leg and no memory of the past weeks. The only clue is a photo of Mickey in his pocket. The police accuse him of faking his amnesia, so he turns to O’Laughlin, now a close friend, to help him recreate his missing memories. Why would he be investigating Mickey’s disappearance when a sexual predator has been convicted of her murder.

Ruiz is assisted by O’Laughlin and young policewoman Alisha (Ali) Kaur Barba in his desperate search for his missing memories. Their journey takes them through some of the darkest and most dangerous places in London. And things become even more dangerous when Ruiz discovers that he has something belonging to Mickey’s gangster father.

But even as his memory returns, Ruiz realises that there is still more to find out about Mickey’s disappearance.


This was a thrilling novel and I could not have predicted the ending.

The best part of the story was the character development. There was a bit more about O’Laughlin, but the main character was Vincent Ruiz and we learnt a lot about his background and the insecurities that his unusual life has led to. The other characters I loved were Ali (I hope to meet her again in future books) and Mickey’s mother Rachel.

Michael Robotham is an excellent writer and I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – SHATTER.


Published 2005


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