Bloodline by Mark Billingham

BLOODLINE is the 8th Tom Thorne novel by Mark Billingham.

Thorne didn’t have to take this latest case, but he and his girlfriend Louise have suffered a tragedy and Thorne feels more comfortable working than facing his own life. A woman has been found murdered with a sliver of an x-ray clutched in her hand.

Pretty soon there are other similar murders all with the victims clutching part of an x-ray. Eventually Thorne and his team gather enough pieces of x-ray to determine what the x-ray is and at the same time they discover that the victims are all children of women murdered by one man. A man who died in prison a few years ago.

Once again Thorne works closely with his friends – Phil Hendricks the pathologist, Caroline Chamberlain the retired police detective and his work colleague Dave Holland. They gradually unravel the story behind the murders as well as looking into a possible miscarriage of justice.

But will Thorne and Louise’s relationship survive?


Once again Billingham has created a novel full of suspense from beginning to end as Tom Thorne tracks down a clever and determined killer.

The characters were excellent, both the long term characters and those making small appearances in this novel.

I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – FROM THE DEAD.


Published 2009


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