Take Me In by Sabine Durrant

TAKE ME IN is another tense thriller by Sabine Durrant. But like the last one I read – LIE WITH ME there are no really likeable characters in the novel.

Tessa and Marcus are a young couple with a 3 year old son Josh. Their marriage has been going through a rocky phase but they both want to make it work. Then during a family holiday in Greece, the unthinkable almost happens. They are both distracted for a few minutes and Josh nearly drowns in the ocean. He is saved by a stranger – Dave Jepsom.

Tessa and Marcus are very grateful to Dave and even though he makes them feel uncomfortable, they spend a lot of time with him during the rest of the holiday.

When they return home after the holiday, they start to see Dave everywhere, although some of this may be their imagination, or a manifestation of the guilt they feel. Because both Tessa and Marcus are very selfish and self absorbed, with Tessa having a secret life that she doesn’t seem to have the courage to end and Marcus immersed in his work, still trying to impress his father who is no longer capable of caring.

The chapters alternate between his viewpoint and her viewpoint with the same events often covered from both sides. It was interesting to see what one half of the couple thought the other was thinking about them only to find out in the next chapter that that person was only thinking about themselves.

Through the novel their lives and relationship gradually break down until they reach crisis point where their whole lives unravel.


This was an excellent story, but I always enjoy a novel more if I like the characters. Unfortunately in this novel most of the characters were pretty unlikeable and lived a life that I couldn’t possibly immerse myself in.

Sabine Durrant is a brilliant author and I hope that she gives us at least one likeable relatable character in her next novel.


Published 2018


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