The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan

THE TITAN’S CURSE is the 3rd novel in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.

Luke is continuing to build his army and many of the half bloods have gone over to the side of evil. So camp half-blood is looking a bit empty and just when the Gods of Olympus need the half-bloods the most. So Grover the satyr is once again hunting for half-bloods at schools and he has just found a brother and sister. Percy, Annabeth and Thalia come to help him get the new half-bloods to camp but one of their teachers is a monster and things don’t go to plan. Annabeth is taken prisoner. When Artemis, goddess of the hunt, and her hunters arrive to help, Artemis is also taken prisoner.

A quest is set up to retrieve Artemis. Only 5 may attend and they must be a mix of half-bloods and hunters. The 5 are Zoe Nightshade (lead hunter), Bianca (a new hunter), Percy, Thalia and Grover. The oracle predicts that not all of them will return. As usual, they have many adventures and must fight many monsters as they travel across the United States to retrieve Artemis before she can be crushed. Percy’s hope purpose is to also find and retrieve Annabeth.

They meet some more Gods along the way, Apollo, Aphrodite, Aries (once again), Atlas and Athena.

The quest is successful in some ways but not others. In the end Percy returns to camp to find that not everyone is grateful.


Percy has learned a lot about being a half-blood hero over the 3 books but still has a lot to learn.

There are some changes in Percy’s life at the end of the story. Thalia takes a new direction in her life which places more pressure on Percy and Athena makes her feelings about Percy known. Percy has also made another enemy at camp.

I’m looking forward to Percy’s next adventure in THE BATTLE OF THE LABYRINTH as Percy gets close to his 16th birthday and the oracle’s prediction.


Published 2007


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