Can You Keep A Secret by Caroline Overington

‘Can You Keep A Secret’ is a psychological thriller. It is a disturbing novel featuring some very disturbed characters.

Caitlin and Colby are both very manipulative people. They first met on a yacht cruising the Queensland Whitsunday Islands. Caitlin was a deck hand responsible for serving food and drinks and entertaining the guests. Lachlan Colbert (Colby) and his two friends are from Manhattan. They work as traders working ridiculously long hours for large sums of money. Colby’s first reaction to the beautiful suntanned blonde Caitlin is – she’ll do if nothing better comes along. Caitlin has no money, left home at 16, a sick mother and a mostly absent father. They could not be more different, but somehow the romance blossoms. Continue reading

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Spook Street by Mick Herron

‘Spook Street’ is the 4th novel in Mick Herron’s Slough House series which features a group of reject MI5 agents exiled to Slough House and known as the slow horses.

The novel opens with a flash mob of teenagers at a shopping mall. The unthinkable happens when a suicide bomber joins the crowd and detonates. When the bomber is identified, things only get worse.

Meanwhile, long term slow horse River Cartwright is worried about his grandfather. David Cartwright was a cold war spy and knows far too much. Now he is losing his marbles along with his ability to keep secrets. He fears he is being watched and River worries that the MI5 solution to senile spies might be true. Continue reading


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Ann Cleeves Profile and Books

Ann Cleeves was born in 1954 and grew up in the country in Herefordshire and Devon. Her father was a school teacher and she always dreamed of being a writer. But, she didn’t finish her English degree at university.

Cleeves worked in a number of temporary jobs and it was while working as a cook at a bird observatory that she met her husband Tim, and ornithologist.

After they married, Tim became warden of an island nature reserve. They lived on the island alone with no mains power or water and this is where Ann began to write. It took over 20 years before she was able to quit work and become a full-time writer. Continue reading

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Journey Under the Midnight Sun by Keigo Higashino

‘Journey Under the Midnight Sun’ is a complex mystery by Japanese author Keigo Higashino.

In 1973 in a partly constructed building in Osaka, a child finds a dead man who has been stabbed. The man is a pawnbroker named Kirihara. The lead detective on the case is Sasagaki. Even though Kirihara’s wife, assistant and son provided alibies for each other, Sasagaki thinks that the son Ryo, a young teenager, is hiding something.

Another suspect in the case is Fumiyo Nishimoto, but she also has an alibi. A year later she is also dead, by accident or suicide. Once again Sasagaki is uncomfortable about her teenage daughter Yukiho. Continue reading

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Tell No Tales by Eva Dolan

‘Tell No Tales’ is the 2nd novel by Eva Dolan featuring DI Dushan Zigic and DS Mel Ferreira of the Peterborough hate crimes unit.

Zigic and Ferreira have been investigating the brutal murder of two Asian men. They have been kicked to death. In both cases, the murderer was caught on CCTV and even raised a Nazi salute, but they have not been able to identify him. The unit has even been assigned extra staff to help with the investigation.

Then they are called to another death. A group of workers, including sisters Sofia and Jelena are waiting at a bus stop when a car ploughs into them. Jelena and another man at the bus stop are killed. The driver manages to get away on foot. Continue reading


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Eleven Days by Stav Sherez

‘Eleven Days’ is the 2nd novel by Stav Sherez featuring DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller. The first in the series was ‘A Dark Redemption’.

The story begins when a convent in an upmarket area of London burns down. It is 11 days before Christmas and ACC Quinn, a catholic and financial supporter of the convent’s outreach work, wants the case resolved before Christmas. So Carrigan and his team are under pressure right from the start.

The team immediately encounters problems. The ten nuns in residence appear to have made no attempt to escape the fire and then an 11th unexplained body is found. The church is reluctant to provide any information and the priest who regularly visited the convent is ‘unavailable’ for questioning. Continue reading


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Crimson Lake by Candice Fox

‘Crimson Lake’ is set in and around Cairns in Queensland’s tropical north. It is a small and quiet place surrounded by crocodiles.

And it is where Ted Conkaffey has come to hide. Ted was working as a police detective in Sydney when he was accused of a terrible crime – the kidnap and rape of 13 year old Claire Bingley. The case against Ted was dropped for lack of evidence, but he was never cleared of the crime either. His wife has left him and he misses his baby daughter. He tries to stay under the radar but as the story progresses, more and more of the town’s vigilantes want him gone.

Ted find himself working with a local PI Amanda Pharrell. Amanda spent 10 years in prison for murdering a school friend. She is almost as unpopular as Ted and is very fragile and extremely eccentric. Continue reading

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Belladonna at Belstone by Michael Jecks

‘Belladonna at Belstone’ is the 8th novel in the Templar Knights series by Michael Jecks. This novel is based in a convent of nuns at Belstone.

While Bishop Stapleton is working as the King’s treasurer, Bishop Bertrand is looking after his religious institutions. Unfortunately Bertrand doesn’t have Stapleton’s intelligence, patience or tact. He is only interested in self promotion. When a novice named Moll dies at the convent of Belstone and the treasurer Margherita accuses the prioress Elizabeth of murder, Bertrand sees an opportunity to replace Elizabeth with Margherita and take the credit for improving the convent. He invites Sir Baldwin Furnshill (the keeper of the King’s peace) and Bailiff Simon Puttock to help investigate the murder. Continue reading


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The Crow Trap by Ann Cleeves

‘The Crow Trap’ is the 1st novel in the Vera Stanhope series by Ann Cleeves. I’ve been avoiding the Vera TV series until I could get round to reading the novels.

A new quarry is planned near a small village in the north of England. But, before the quarry can go ahead, an environmental impact study needs to be undertaken. Rachael Lambert, Anne Preece and Grace Fulwell, each experts in their field, are to stay in a small isolated cottage for several weeks while carrying out their research.

Rachael is the first to arrive and immediately discovers the body of her good friend Bella Furness hanging from a rope. There is a suicide note, but Rachael can’t accept that she would kill herself. Continue reading

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The Chessmen by Peter May

‘The Chessmen’ is the 3rd novel in Peter May’s Lewis trilogy following on from ‘The Blackhouse’ and ‘The Lewis Men’.

Fin Macleod has just taken the job of head of security for a Lewis estate. The job involves catching poachers who are working on an ever larger scale. But the owner of the estate has one small time poacher in his sites, Fin’s childhood friend Whistler who lives rent free and takes occasional game for the pot.

It is after sheltering overnight from a storm with Whistler that the real mystery for Fin begins. After the storm, a mountain lock has drained due to a bog burst and on the floor of the ex loch is a small plane that has been missing for 17 years. Continue reading


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