Strange Affair by Peter Robinson

‘Strange Affair’ is the 15th novel in Peter Robinson’s DI Banks series.

In the previous novel ‘Playing With Fire’ Alan Banks nearly lost his life while his home burned to the ground. He lost everything he owned. He is still on leave from work, living in a rented flat and struggling to cope.

While Banks is out of his flat, he receives a call for help on his answering machine from his brother Roy. This is a surprise since the brothers don’t really get on. When Roy fails to answer his home and mobile phones, Banks decides to go to London to check on him.

Meanwhile, a young woman is found murdered and with Banks on leave, Annie Cabot is in charge of the investigation. The murdered woman has Banks’ address in her pocket. Annie would like to speak to Banks but he is nowhere to be found. Continue reading


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Telling Tales by Ann Cleeves

‘Telling Tales’ is the 2nd novel in the Vera Stanhope series by Ann Cleeves.

Ten years ago, Emma discovered the body of her best friend Abigail. The girls were 15 years old at the time. Jeanie Long, the girlfriend of Abigail’s father, was soon arrested and spent 10 years in prison proclaiming her innocence before committing suicide. Now new information has come to light that proves Jeanie’s innocence. DI Vera Stanhope and DS Joe Ashworth are sent to the East Yorkshire village of Elvet to reinvestigate and find a killer who has been on the loose for 10 years. Continue reading


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Offline/ Odd Numbers by Anne Holt

‘Offline/ Odd Numbers’ is the 9th novel in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series by Anne Holt.

It is 11 years since the tragic events that left Hanne in a wheelchair. Since then, she has become very reclusive and resisted all contact from her friends, except for her wife Nefis. Now she has started working for the police again, on cold cases. Her assistant Henrik Holme is an odd young man, but brilliant.

At the same time, Hanne is approached by her old friend Billy T. He is concerned about his son Linus, worried that he may be becoming involved in extremist activities.

Then a terrorist blast rocks Oslo. The police are scrambling with no real leads except a video from an unknown Islamist group claiming responsibility. Continue reading


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Black Widow by Chris Brookmyre

‘Black Widow’ is the 7th novel in Chris Brookmyre’s Jack Parlabane series. If I had realised that this novel was part of a series, I would have set it aside and started at the beginning.

Diana Jaeger is a highly skilled surgeon. As a child she was taught that doctors are men and has fought hard to get to the top of her profession. But her dedication has cost her in other areas of her life.

She ran an anonymous blog about sexism in the medical profession using the moniker Scalpelgirl. When the blog was hacked and her identity revealed, she became known as Bladebitch. Continue reading

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The Monster in the Box by Ruth Rendell

‘The Monster in the Box’ is Ruth Rendell’s 22nd Inspector Wexford novel. This one involves Reg Wexford reminiscing about his past while solving his latest crime.

In his early days as a policeman in the 1950s, Wexford met Eric Targo. Targo lived in the same street as a murdered woman and the young PC Wexford was sure that Targo was the murderer but had no proof, not even a good reason for his suspicions.

Over the years, Targo has left Kingsmarkham for years at a time, but always returned again. On each return, Wexford has felt himself being watched. And on a number of occasions there have also been murders. Continue reading


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Prussian Blue by Philip Kerr

‘Prussian Blue’ is the 12th Bernie Gunther novel by Philip Kerr. Prussian Blue is also a paint pigment and the only known cure for Thallium poisoning.

It is 1956 and Bernie is still on the French Riviera when he is approached by the deputy head of the Stasi Erich Mielke. He wants Bernie to travel to London to poison an ex-Stasi agent with Thallium and won’t accept no for an answer. Bernie agrees but to ensure compliance, Mielke assigns an old colleague of Bernie’s Freidrich Korsch as Bernie’s handler.

Bernie manages to get away from Korsch but is chased through France by the Stasi as he slowly makes his way to Germany. Once again Bernie is forced into taking action that he would rather not take. Continue reading


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Harry Bingham Profile and Books

Harry Bingham was born in London in 1967. He was working in banking when in 2005 he started a literary consultancy which was initially planned to earn a bit of extra money by editing manuscripts. The demand for the service grew very rapidly and the Writer’s Workshop is now the largest editorial consultancy in the UK. Bingham no longer has hands-on involvement as he is now a full-time writer.

Bingham has created the Fiona Griffiths series of novels featuring a very unique young Detective Constable based in Wales.

Bingham lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and children. Continue reading

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A Murder Too Soon by Michael Jecks

‘A Murder Too Soon’ is the 2nd novel in the Jack Blackjack/ Blood Mary series by Michael Jecks, set during the reign of Mary Tudor.

After the previous novel ‘Rebellion’s Message’, Jack has been given employment as an assassin by Thomas Parry. He is enjoying his new home and money but dreads being asked to kill someone.

His first assignment arrives. The Queen’s sister Elizabeth is being held under guard at Woodstock. One of her maids is suspected of being a spy and Jack has been ordered to kill her. How can he possibly bring himself to kill a woman. Continue reading


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The Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham

‘The Secrets She Keeps’ is a psychological thriller from Australian author Michael Robotham that is full of twists and turns.

Agatha and Meghan have something in common. They are pregnant and due around the same time. But that’s where the similarities end.

Agatha had a very troubled upbringing and has difficulty with relationships. She is convinced that her baby’s Daddy – ex-boyfriend Haydn will return to her because of the baby. He is currently at sea with the Navy and won’t even take her calls. She currently works part time in a supermarket. Continue reading

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Not in the Flesh by Ruth Rendell

‘Not in the Flesh’ is Ruth Rendell’s 21st Wexford novel and follows Wexford as he solves the murders of two long dead men.

While truffle hunting with his dog in Grimble’s field, a man unearths a skeleton. Grimble’s field is private property left by old Mr Grimble to his son. When the younger Mr Grimble had a multiple residence development application turned down, he left the large property to decay, after filling in an excavation he had already started. The skeleton seems to date back 11 years to the time of the excavation.

As Inspector Reg Wexford and his team battle to identify the body and its cause of death, another body is discovered in the abandoned cottage on the property – this one dead for about 8 years. Continue reading


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