Here and Gone by Haylen Beck (Stuart Neville)

HERE AND GONE is a suspense thriller by Stuart Neville writing under the name Haylen Beck. Neville is best known for his Irish detective novels while this novel is a suspense thriller set in Arizona.

Audra Kinney has finally broken free of her alcohol and drug additions and found the courage to escape from her abusive husband and his controlling mother. Initially she moved to a nearby flat in New York with her children, but now she is travelling to California to start a new life. But she only gets as far as Arizona.

Audra is stopped near a small town by Sheriff Whiteside for a traffic violation. The sheriff then searches her car and finds drugs. Audra is taken to the local police station by the sheriff while her two children are taken by a female deputy. When Audra asks after her children, the sheriff claims that they weren’t in the car when he stopped her. And if the children weren’t with her, then what has she done with them. Continue reading

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The Burning Chambers by Kate Mosse

THE BURNING CHAMBERS is set in Carcassonne at the time of the French religious wars. The Catholic church, long dominant in France, is intent on driving the Protestant Huguenots out of the country. This has echoes of the attacks against the Cathars that were featured in Kate Mosse’s earlier novels – LABYRINTH, SEPULCHRE and CITADEL.

Minou Joubert is 19 years old and lives in Carcassonne with her father and younger brother and sister. She is happy and confident but she has overheard her father talking with his good friend Cecile Noubel about secrets concerning her. They want to send her to Toulouse with her brother to keep her safe. She is opposed to leaving until she meets Piet Reydon. Continue reading

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Buried by Mark Billingham

BURIED is the 6th novel in Mark Billingham’s Tom Thorne series.

When Luke Mullen, the 16 year old son of a former DCI is kidnapped, Tom Thorne is lent to the kidnapping unit. Here he works with DI Louise Porter and they begin an interesting relationship.

One of their first tasks is to obtain a list of criminals who may hold a grudge against Luke’s father Tony. But as they begin to investigate the names on the list, they find a notable absence. Thorne is sure that the answer to the case lies with the man whose name has been left off the list. And Thorne’s questioning certainly doesn’t endear him to Tony Mullen. Continue reading


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Dark Tides by Chris Ewan

DARK TIDES is a thriller by Chris Ewan set on the Isle of Man.

The Manx version of Halloween is known as Hop-tu-naa. On 31 October 1995, when Claire Cooper was 8 years old, her mother went missing and was never found. Claire never took part in Hop-tu-naa festivities until her teenage years when she became friends with 5 other teenagers who took turns in setting a dare for the group each year.

The practice continued for years until one of the dares went terribly wrong and someone got seriously hurt. After this Claire and her friends went their separate ways. Continue reading

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Quota by Jock Serong

QUOTA is the debut novel of Australian author Jock Serong. The novel is set in Melbourne and a sea side town on the South Coat of Victoria.

Charles Jardim is a lawyer whose life is in crisis. He has just had a tirade against a judge that resulted in 2 days in the lockup and could mean the end to his career. He has also just broken up with his fiancé (a much more serious lawyer than he is). Then an older barrister friend throws him a lifeline.

Harlan Weir has just sent Jardim to the small town of Dauphin where Matthew Lanegan has been murdered. Local men Skip and Mick are suspected of carrying out the murder, but the statement made by Matthew’s brother Patrick is full of holes. Jardim’s job is to find out the truth from Patrick. To complicate matters, the 4 men were involved in the illegal abalone business as well as drug distribution. Continue reading

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Rick Riordan Profile and Books

Rick Riordan was born in 1964 in San Antonio, Texas. He studied English and History at the University of Texas and taught English and History at various schools for 15 years. He was always a writer and attempted to have his work published in his teenage years but it wasn’t till his 30s that his first work (an adult mystery) was published.

It was while telling stories to his children that Riordan invented the character of Percy Jackson. One of Riordan’s son’s has ADHD and dyslexia, so the character of Percy Jackson also has these conditions, a sure sign that he is a demi-god. The original Percy Jackson book became the first in a 5 book series. This was followed by the Heroes pf Olympus series and the Kane Chronicles as well as many supplementary materials. Riordan is now well known as an author for children and young adults (and the young at heart). Continue reading


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Ode to a Banker by Lindsey Davis

ODE TO A BANKER is the 12th Falco novel by Lindsey Davis featuring informer (detective) Marcus Didius Falco and set in the 1st century AD in Rome.

Falco has finally been presented with an opportunity to read his poetry to a group but things don’t go Falco’s way. Firstly the other poet is rich and has booked a large auditorium, secondly the other poet writes appalling poetry and thirdly, the whole event is taken over by Chrysippus, a publisher and patron of several writers.

The next day, Falco is offered the chance to publish his work by an agent of Chrysippus, but he finds the terms unfavourable. But he does happen to be at the publishing house of Chrysippus on the fateful day that he is murdered. Continue reading


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Lost by Michael Robotham

LOST is the 2nd novel by Michael Robotham featuring London psychiatrist Joseph O’Laughlin. But O’Laughlin only has a minor role in this novel, the main character this time is detective Vincent Ruiz who also featured in the first novel in the series – THE SUSPECT.

3 years ago Ruiz investigated the disappearance of missing 7 years old girl Mickey Carlyle. Now Ruiz has woken in hospital with a bullet wound in his leg and no memory of the past weeks. The only clue is a photo of Mickey in his pocket. The police accuse him of faking his amnesia, so he turns to O’Laughlin, now a close friend, to help him recreate his missing memories. Why would he be investigating Mickey’s disappearance when a sexual predator has been convicted of her murder. Continue reading


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The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton

THE CRAFTSMAN is set in the area in which Sharon Bolton grew up, in Lancashire around Pendle Hill, an area known over the centuries to be home to many witches. The story is set in 1969 and in 1999.

Assistant Commissioner Florence (Flossie) Lovelady has returned to the town of Sabden for the funeral of Larry Glassbrook He was a master carpenter and funeral director who Flossie helped to convict for murder 30 years ago.

In 1969 Flossie arrived in Sabden to work for the police. She was a misfit, being from the south, being the first female police officer and holding a university degree. Teenagers started to go missing shortly after her arrival and now with Patsy, the 3rd teenager to disappear, Flossie has started to share her unwelcome opinions on the investigation. She is sent to investigate a report by children who heard voices from a grave. The discovery of Patsy’s body and the knowledge of what the girl went through send shock waves through the police force and the town. It is Flossie who works out the location of the other 2 teens and finds a link between the 3 thereby narrowing the list of suspects. But as she starts to get closer to the truth, she is suspended from her job, then she herself is abducted. As a result of the investigation, Larry is convicted of abducting and murdering the 3 teens. Continue reading

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The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

THE LIGHTNING THIEF is the 1st novel featuring Percy Jackson. Percy is a demi-god – his mother is human and his absent father is a Greek god. But in the beginning he doesn’t know this. He suffers from ADHD and dyslexia and is often bullied. He has been expelled from several boarding schools. But the things that make Percy different in the mortal world are actually symptoms of his greatness. How could someone with godly blood in their veins sit still and concentrate. How could someone whose brain is hardwired for ancient Greek possibly read English. Continue reading

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