Two For The Lions by Lindsey Davis

TWO FOR THE LIONS is the 10th novel in the Marcus Didius Falco series by Lindsey Davis.

After the dreadful failure of the work partnership of Falco and his friend Petronius, Falco has now been forced into talking a new partner, a man he has always disliked, the imperial spy Anacrites.

Emperor Vespasian has hired the pair to follow up census declarations, find those who have understated their assets (almost everyone) so that they can be taxed more.

One of their first targets is Calliopus who provides gladiators and wild animals to entertainment events. When a trained man-eating lion owned by Calliopus is killed, Falco is distracted from his census work to investigate the death of Leonidus the lion. Continue reading


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The Day of the Dead by Nicci French

THE DAY OF THE DEAD is the 8th and final novel in the Frieda Klein series by the husband and wife duo known as Nicci French.

Frieda is in hiding. This was the only way she could think to protect her friends from psychopath Dean Reeve who has been fixated on her for about 10 years. But while in hiding she is continually looking for the events that will signal the end of her relationship with Reeve – their face to face meeting.

Lola Hayes is a criminology student looking for a topic for her dissertation. When she chooses Frieda as her topic she has no idea how much it will change her life. While trying to walk in Frieda’s footsteps she innocently meets and photographs Dean Reeve. When Lola finds Frieda and shows her the photos she’s taken, Frieda has trouble communicating to Lola how much danger she is in. Now the two are in hiding together. Continue reading


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Greeks Bearing Gifts by Philip Kerr

GREEKS BEARING GIFTS is the 13th novel in Philip Kerr’s Bernie Gunther series and sadly with Kerr’s untimely death there will be only one more novel in the series after this one.

Bernie is now living under the assumed name Christof Ganz and working as a mortuary attendant in Munich. The working conditions and pay are terrible but he makes extra money working as a pallbearer. Then he is recognised by a corrupt cop from his past and coerced into helping with a corrupt scheme. He manages to escape the scheme and as a result is offered a job more suited to his expertise. As a claims adjuster for an insurance company he will use his detective skills to investigate dubious claims. Continue reading


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The Lost by Mari Hannah

THE LOST is the 1st novel in a new series by Mari Hannah featuring CID detectives David Stone and Frankie (Frances) Oliver based in Northumbria.

Frankie is the third Frank Oliver to serve in the police after her father and grandfather. Her new partner David Stone has recently returned to Northumbria from the Met and is still finding his feet again in the North and has plenty of baggage from his time in the Met. As a team they get to know each other better through the course of the novel.

Oliver urges Stone to look into the case of a missing 10 year old boy Daniel Scott who went missing while his mother Alix was on holiday in Majorca with her sister Kat. Daniel’s stepfather Tim and nanny Justine should have been looking after him. From the start Oliver and Stone find Tim’s behaviour a bit unusual making him a logical suspect. Continue reading

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Pilgrim’s War by Michael Jecks

PILGRIM’S WAR is the first novel in a new series by Michael Jecks about the crusades. This novel is about the first crusade – the pilgrim’s crusade.

In 1096 the Pope Urban II decided that Christians should take the birth place of Jesus back from the heretic Saracens. In cities all over Europe, preachers inspired people to take part in a pilgrimage that could not fail because it was blessed by God. Those who took part would have their sins forgiven and receive great riches. In the French city of Sens, a man known as the Hermit spoke in the square and inspired many followers. Continue reading

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Sovereign by C.J. Sansom

SOVEREIGN is the 3rd novel in C.J. Sansom’s Matthew Shardlake series which features the hunchback lawyer in the time of King Henry VIII.

With the death of Thomas Cromwell, Shardlake and his assistant Jack Barak had hoped that their days working for the court were over. But now Archbishop Cranmer has sent them on another mission. The King has undertaken a progress to York, visiting many other towns along the way. Shardlake is to await the progress in York where he will help processing petitions to the King. But he also has a secret assignment. A traitor – Sir Edward Broderick is being held in York and is to be transported to London for questioning in the tower. Shardlake is to ensure that he arrives in reasonable health. Continue reading


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Hangman by Daniel Cole

HANGMAN is the 2nd novel in the Detective William Fawkes series by Daniel Cole, the sequel to RAGDOLL. Fawkes doesn’t have much of a role in this novel but we see a lot of his colleague, newly promoted DCI Emily Baxter.

A murder/suicide in New York is connected to the Ragdoll murders which occurred 18 months ago. Special Agents Elliot Curtis of the FBI and Damien Rouche of the CIA arrive in England to interview convicted ragdoll killer Lethaniel Masse. As the person believed to have captured Masse, Baxter is invited to attend the interview. She is terrified that the truth will come out – she was not the one to capture Masse. She is saved from embarrassment when a number of prisoners, including Masse, are murdered in a prison riot. The 2 murdered prisoners have the words Puppet and Bait tattooed on their chests, as did the murder/suicide victims in New York. Continue reading


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Love Story, With Murders by Harry Bingham

‘Love Story, With Murders’ is the 2nd novel by Harry Bingham featuring the very unusual DC Fiona Griffiths.

Fiona and another officer attend a call out where an unusual package has been found during the cleanup of the house of a woman who has died. A woman’s leg has been found, complete with shoe, wrapped in plastic in a chest freezer.

Pretty soon the hunt is on for other body parts, some of which are found in neighbours’ gardens, sheds and garages. But the police searchers get more than they expected. It is soon clear that there are pieces of a second body. The two bodies are soon identified. The first was a woman who had been missing for over 5 years while the second was a man who had only recently gone missing. Continue reading


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Origin by Dan Brown

‘Origin’ is the 5th novel by Dan Brown featuring world famous religious iconologist professor Robert Langdon. For those of you familiar with Dan Brown, this novel very much follows the usual pattern.

An ex student of Langdon’s from Harvard, Edmond Kirsch is a futurist who is famous for his predictions and his high-tech research and inventions. Now Kirsch is holding a function to announce a breakthrough that will answer the questions – where do we come from and where are we going. Kirsch is well known as an atheist, so the answers to these questions are not expected to have much to do with God. Continue reading


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Susie Steiner Profile and Books

Susie Steiner grew up in London. She studied English at university and went on to work as a journalist for 20 years. She published her first novel in 2013 and her writing has gone from strength to strength since then.

Steiner now spends most of her time writing. She suffers from retinitus pigmentosa, an eye disease that is causing the gradual loss of her sight. At home in her attic writing is now the place that she feels most comfortable. And as her eyesight has diminished, her writing has soared.

She lives in London with her husband and two young sons. Continue reading

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