Undone/Genesis by Karin Slaughter

Just to make life confusing, this book is published under the name ‘Undone’ in the United States and under the name ‘Genesis’ elsewhere in the world. This novel is the part of Karen Slaughter’s Will Trent series and ties together Sara Linton, the main character from the Grant County Series and Will Trent. The other two most recent books in the Will Trent series are ‘Broken’ and ‘Fallen’. The characters are built up well enough within this book to make it unnecessary to read other books from the series first.

One evening, a naked woman is hit by a car on a country road. Sara Linton is the attending doctor at the hospital and medical investigation reveals that the injured woman, Anna, has been starved and grotesquely tortured for weeks before the accident. Will Trent and Faith Mitchell (partners with the GBI – Georgia Bureau of Investigation) are at the hospital when Anna arrives because Faith has mysteriously collapsed. Will disregards jurisdictional niceties and goes to the accident site to investigate. Here he finds the torture cave and a second torture victim.

Soon another two women go missing and Faith and Will face a race against the clock to find the women and the sadistic torturer before it’s too late.

The main plot of the story was gripping, but the ‘behind the scenes’ story was just as interesting. Sara is still living without purpose more than three years after the death of her husband. Will comes from an extremely dysfunctional background and has an extremely dysfunctional marriage to Angie. Faith is facing some serious personal and medical issues. The interactions between the main characters are very intense but all the more realistic for the characters having less than perfect lives.

This is my second Karin Slaughter book and I’m absolutely hooked. As much by the characters as the crime plots. I think I’ll have to go back and read more about Sara and Will in Karin Slaughter’s earlier books.


Book Published 2009


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