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Tom Rob Smith was born in 1979 in London. His parents were antique dealers, who owning their own business, were able to give advice about fighting through the tough times. This has been invaluable to Tom who wanted to be a writer from an early age.

Tom studied at Cambridge University and then later in Italy. His first success with his writing was in plays. After university he worked as a script writer and editor and was involved in Cambodia’s first soap opera.

He continued his work as a script writer while researching and writing his first novel – Child 44. Child 44 was partially based on the real-life Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo. The novel has been a huge success, translated into 36 languages. Tom has now followed it with two further novels.

Tom lives in London with his partner Ben Stephenson who works for the BBC.

Novels to date (hopefully many more to come):

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