Ace Atkins Profile and Books

(William) Ace Atkins is an American journalist and novelist. He was born in 1970 in Troy Alabama and grew up in Alabama, San Francisco and Tampa Florida. He worked as a crime reporter in Tampa (where he earned a Pulitzer nomination) and has used crime stories on which he has reported as a basis for several of his stand-alone novels: White Shadow, Wicked City, Devil’s Garden and Infamous. Before working on the Spenser series, Atkins’ novels all reflected the environment of the South in which he lives.

Atkins’ first novels were written as a series featuring Nick Travers as his hero. He has now returned to series writing with the Quinn Colson series. In 2011 Atkins was selected by the estate of the late Robert B. Parker to continue the famous Boston based Spenser series.

Atkins now lives in Mississippi with his wife and son, where he writes full-time.


Quinn Colson series:

Robert B. Parker’s Spenser series:


  • White Shadow (2006)
  • Wicked City (2008)
  • Devil’s Garden (2009)
  • Infamous (2010)

Nick Travers series:

  • Crossroad Blues (1998)
  • Leavin’ Trunk Blues (2000)
  • The Dark End of the Street (2004)
  • Dirty South (2004)


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