Troy: Fall of Kings by David and Stella Gemmell

The first time I read this book, I read it as a stand-alone book and thoroughly enjoyed it. This time I’ve read it as the third book of a trilogy (book 1 is ‘Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow’ and book 2 is ‘Troy: Shield of Thunder’) and it’s even better. The backstories of the characters adds so much.

At the end of Book 2, Dardanos was attacked by the Mykene King Agamemnon. Helikaon arrived in his ship Xanthos and burned the Mykene fleet. But he was too late to save his wife.

Troy is now under attack and King Priam is losing his mind. Hektor is fighting to the south of Troy and Priam and the rest of Troy await his return to save them. But even when Hektor does return, the enemy numbers are too great and the Mykene and their allies are able to advance to the walls of Troy and besiege the town.

Helikaon has taken Kassandra and Andromache to the holy island of Thera where Kassandra will become a priestess. They meet with an Egyptian ship and Helikaon’s friend and crewman Gershom returns to Egypt as Ahmose (Moses) to fulfil his destiny. On his return, Helikaon destroys the Mykene ships in the Bay of Troy and Andromache returns to the city to protect her son. Achilles challenges Hektor to single combat to the death. Agamemnon wants them both dead and uses treachery to achieve this.

When the Mykene eventually gain access to Troy, Helikaon helps Andromache to escape with their two sons. After the escape Helikaon and Kalliades are unable to get back into Troy. Banokles fights to the end and is the last warrior standing for Troy.

Agamemnon’s triumph is short lived. The Hittite Emperor arrives with an army, evicts the Mykene and destroys Troy. Agamemnon fails to find the fabled wealth of Troy and believes that it has been stolen by Helikaon. He chases him to Thera and arrives just in time for its eruption.


This was a brilliant series and David Gemmell is a brilliant writer. Tragically he died before the completion of this novel. His wife Stella had worked with him for many years and was able to complete the book seamlessly. The world lost a brilliant author with David Gemmell’s death and I plan to read much more of his work. Next on my list is the Drenai series, starting with ‘Legend’.



Book Published 2007


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