Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

When Nick and Amy met, it seemed to be a match made in heaven. They were perfect for each other. And, the first two years of their married life could not have been better. But, both of them were pretending to be somebody that they weren’t, and as soon as the masks started to slip, the marriage rapidly went downhill.

By the time that Nick and Amy got to their fifth wedding anniversary, they had both lost their New York jobs, most of Amy’s trust fund was gone and they had moved to Missouri to help look after Nick’s sick parents. Amy hated Missouri and the people around her and Nick had found himself a young diversion.

So, when Amy goes missing on their fifth anniversary, Nick is the obvious suspect. As the evidence begins to mount up, Amy goes from being a missing person to being a homicide victim.

The story of Nick and Amy is gradually revealed through Nick’s narrative and Amy’s diary, and as a reader you quickly come to realise that they can’t both be telling the truth all the time. But, they have become so good at lying to each other that they probably can’t even tell the truth to themselves.

As each sick twist of the story is gradually revealed, sympathies are constantly pulled in different directions. The only thing that you really know for sure is that Nick and Amy are two of the most manipulative people you’ve ever come across and they probably deserve the incredibly sick marriage that they’ve landed themselves in.


I actually found the first part of the book very slow going and pretty difficult to get through. But, gradually the story really got going and towards then end it was absolutely riveting and difficult to put down. While the first part of the book was important to the story, I wish it could have been made a bit more interesting.

I was a bit disappointed with the ending. I found myself running out of pages while hoping for a change. But, I realised afterwards that the ending was probably the most appropriate one.

This book has made me an instant Gillian Flynn fan and I will definitely be reading her earlier novels – ‘Dark Places’ and ‘Sharp Objects’ as well as future books!


Book Published 2012


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