Waiting For Wednesday by Nicci French

‘Waiting For Wednesday’ is the third book in the excellent Frieda Klein series by husband and wife team Nicci French. Unfortunately having read this book soon after release, I’ll have to wait about a year for the next instalment.

At the end of the previous book in the series – ‘Tuesday’s Gone’, psychotherapist Frieda Klein was left injured and her work with the police force was terminated. So, she shouldn’t really have anything to do with the murder of perfect wife and mother – Ruth Lennox. But, DCI Karlsson isn’t having much success working with Frieda’s rival Hal Bradshaw and when Frieda’s niece Chloe starts going out with the oldest Lennox child Ted, she finds herself drawn into the case.

And it turns out that Ruth Lennox wasn’t quite as perfect as she appeared – she was leading a secret life. There is no shortage of suspects for her murder among those who may have found out her secret.

Meanwhile Hal Bradshaw is trying to get even with Frieda for embarrassing him in the past. He devises an experiment designed to put her in her place. But one of the participants in the experiment says something that gets Frieda’s attention. She follows the statement to its source to discover a series of crimes committed over several years that the police don’t even know about.

So Frieda finds herself overloaded with complicated cases, still being stalked (by Dean Reeve?) and carrying on a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Sandy. She is struggling to recover from earlier events and while her friends try to help her out, they only succeed in making her normally ordered life more chaotic.


I loved this book. The series seems to be getting better as it goes along. Frieda has become much more human and personable (it’s good to see her not in complete control of her life). I’m still waiting for Frieda to ditch Sandy (I can’t relate to him at all) and get together with Mal Karlsson. I particularly like Frieda’s friends Reuben and Josef and I can’t wait till the next book in the series comes out.



Book Published 2013


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