Deadly Intent by Lynda La Plante

‘Deadly Intent is the 4th book in Lynda La Plante’s Anna Travis / James Langdon series. The book started off in the life of the criminal and was so far removed from Travis and Langdon that I double-checked that the book was in the series. But, we eventually get to our usual characters and their usual lives.

Frank Brandon – one of the detectives in the previous novel – ‘Clean Cut’ is found murdered in a down-market drug squat. And, his is only the first in an ever growing body count.

DI Anna Travis has been assigned to a fairly hostile team. Her boss – Cunningham is rude, inconsistent, closed-minded and has a few personal problems. The others aren’t very accepting of Anna either and she doesn’t make too many friends.

Anna is the first on the team to make any sort of connection between the crimes being investigated and the notorious drug boss Alexander Fitzpatrick. With no-one else agreeing with her, she breaks all the rules (as usual) and goes off investigating by herself (as usual). It is not until Langdon (now chief superintendent) comes in to oversee the case that anyone starts to accept Anna’s theories.

In this novel, some aspects of the case get solved and others get left up in the air. For this reason the ending is a bit unsatisfactory, but probably fairly realistic.


Anna Travis breaks all the rules not only in her job, but also in her personal life. I have to keep reminding myself that she holds a fairly senior position because she often doesn’t behave that way. She tangles with drugs, has one slightly inappropriate relationship and one extremely inappropriate relationship. Is this all about trying to get over her breakup with James Langdon?

I wouldn’t rate this book as one of the best in the series (except for the opening chapter which was brilliant), but it was a reasonable good read and an important addition to the lives of Anna Travis and James Langdon. The 9th book in the series – ‘Wrongful Death’ follows up on one of the criminals from this book.

I’m looking forward to the next in the series – ‘Silent Scream’. It would be nice if Anna could put Langdon (the creep) behind her for good.


Book Published 2008


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