The Treatment by Mo Hayder

‘The Treatment’ is the 2nd book in Mo Hayder’s Jack Caffery series. It follows on from and has many of the same characters as the first book in the series – ‘Birdman’. The subject matter of this book is completely horrid and is presented in a way that will make you feel sick. But, the book completely pulled me in and I couldn’t put it down.

A family has been held hostage in their home for several days. The parents are found restrained, starving and dehydrated and the eight year old son is missing. Detective Inspector Jack Caffery knows right from the start that this case will cause him problems because he is still haunted by the disappearance of his own brother – Ewan, when he was nine years old. Eventually the boy is found dead after having been brutally tortured and raped

Jack’s obsession with his neighbour – Penderecki, who Jack has always blamed for Ewan’s disappearance, overshadows his life and colours his judgement. When new information comes to light about Penderecki, Jack detours from his work to follow new leads. He discovers Tracey, the sister of a Paedophile, and manages to obtain information from her related to the current case. She also claims to know what happened to Ewan.

Meanwhile, another family is being held hostage and Jack and his team are running out of time to find them.

Jack is still with his girlfriend Rebecca (one of the victims from ‘Birdman’) and she is struggling to come to terms with what has happened to her. So, between them, they are one of the most damaged couples you’ll ever read about.

We find out loads more about what happened to Ewan in this book – and it’s a long way from what I was expecting. I can’t see an end to Jack’s obsession with his brother.


The book was excellent – if you can deal with the horror of it. Most of the characters are left pretty damaged by the end of the story. So, I’ll take a deep breath and a little break before moving on to the next in the series – ‘Ritual’.


Book Published 2001



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