Fall From Grace by Richard North Patterson

‘Fall From Grace’ is the first book in a trilogy which is a saga about the Blaine family. The later two books are ‘Loss of Innocence’ and ‘Eden in Winter’.

The story begins with Adam Blaine returning to Martha’s Vineyard for the first time in 10 years to attend the funeral of his father Ben. The rich and famous Benjamin Blaine died after a fall from a cliff leaving his family and friends wondering whether to grieve or celebrate his passing. Ben was a controlling man who had many affairs despite being married to Clarisa for 40 years. He bullied and put down his other son Teddy because he was gay and an artist and he didn’t get on with his brother Jack. Adam was the most like Ben, but he never spoke to his father again after an incident 10 years earlier.

Adam has been working undercover for the CIA in Afghanistan and his skills as an investigator are exactly what is required to unravel the circumstances of his father’s death. The police have found evidence that indicates Ben was pushed from the cliff, the most likely suspect being Teddy. Ben had recently changed his will, completely cutting out Clarisa and Teddy and leaving almost everything to his latest girlfriend Carla.

Adam sets out to determine exactly how his father died, preferably without anyone in his family taking the blame, and to try and break the will so that his mother is not left with nothing.

Along the way, Adam discovers several dark family secrets that completely change the way that he views himself and his family.


I found the novel a bit too much of a soap opera for my tastes. Maybe I spoilt the story by reading ‘Loss of Innocence’ (which I preferred) first. This left me without much sympathy for Clarisa and more for Ben than he deserves based on this book alone. I also think that the money issues in this story were wrapped up a bit too neatly and easily.

Nevertheless, I feel that I have to read ‘Eden in Winter’ when it is released, just to complete the picture. More about Adam and Clara maybe?


Book Published 2012


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