Silent Scream by Lynda La Plante

‘Silent Scream’ is the 5th book in Lynda La Plante’s Anna Travis/ James Langdon series.

This book involves the murder of 24 year old actress – Amanda Delaney. Amanda was beautiful and talented. And, with a few successful film roles behind her, she was becoming more and more famous. One of the bad girls, she was well known for her affairs and occasional drug use – a dream for the paparazzi. Then after working on a night shoot for her latest film, she is stabbed to death in her home.

There are plenty of people with a motive for murdering Amanda, from the wives of the men she slept with to her old friends that she left behind as her fame grew. As Anna Travis and the rest of the team start to investigate, they find even more was going on in Amanda’s life. With hints of Amanda being molested as a child, an abortion that left  Amanda unable to have children, and a body wrecked by anorexia, the rumours that Amanda had a book deal for her autobiography provide still more motives for her murder.

Once again, Anna Travis has difficulties operating as part of a team (hardly surprising when her theories are continually shot down by the blokes). But she has the ideas that eventually lead the team in the right direction.

The tension between Anna and her boss – James Langdon continues with Langdon unable to let Anna get on with a life without him, but unable to give her what she needs.


This book was an excellent addition to the series. The murder and police investigation was very realistic and very absorbing. As usual, I was left feeling angry with Langdon and wishing Anna would just tell him where to go and get on with her life.

I’m looking forward to reading the next instalment in the series – ‘Blind Fury’.


Book Published 2009


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