The Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva

‘The Rembrandt Affair’ is the 10th Gabriel Allon novel by Daniel Silva. Once again, the book begins with Gabriel retired from the Israeli secret service. He is living quietly in an isolated village on the Cornish coast.

Then he is contacted by Julian Isherwood, a long-time friend and London art dealer. A Rembrandt painting that Julian was having restored has been stolen and the restorer murdered. There have been a number of high-end art thefts in recent months, but Gabriel feels that there is something different about this one.

He begins to search for the painting by searching its provenance and fairly soon finds that the painting came into the possession of a Nazi from a Jewish family during the war. It was, in fact, a trade to save the life of a 10 year old Jewish girl. But, it is what was hidden with the painting by the new owner that is of most value to some. Hidden with the painting is a list of names and Swiss bank account numbers for wealthy Jewish families who were also robbed during the war.

The search takes Gabriel through Holland, Argentina and Switzerland to a reclusive and Philanthropic Swiss businessman – Martin Landesmann. Landesmann is viewed by many as a saint, but few have ever questioned the source of his family’s wealth which was initially built by his Swiss bank owning father and expanded by Martin through some well hidden shady deals, related to Iranians and nuclear weapons.

Gabriel and his team work together with the English and American spy agencies to expose the crimes of the past and present and to stop a major threat to the state of Israel.


This was another absolutely action packed thriller. Mikhael Abromov (described as Gabriel without a conscience) is one of my favourite characters in this series. Working closely with Gabriel, he seems to get himself beaten up even more than Gabriel does.

I’ve now caught up with all the books in the series, but I can hardly wait for the next new release!


Book Published 2010


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