Darkness, Darkness by John Harvey

‘Darkness, Darkness is the 12th Charlie Resnick novel by John Harvey and likely to be the last in the series.

Thirty years ago, as a new DI, Charlie Resnick ran an intelligence gathering group during the height of the miners’ strike. It was a divisive time with towns and even families torn apart between those supporting the strike and those who wanted to keep working. One such family was the Hardwick family with wife Jenny campaigning for miners’ rights and husband Barry braving taunts and threats to continue working. Then Jenny went missing – presumably of her own accord.

Now Resnick is semi-retired and working cold cases. And, Jenny Hardwick’s body has just been found buried under a house in the town in which she lived all those years ago. When ambitious young DI Catherine Njorage is assigned the murder investigation, she immediately seeks out Resnick.

With Resnick’s knowledge of the people, places and circumstances at the time of Jenny’s disappearance, Resnick and Catherine have a head start on tracking down what happened to Jenny – except that many of the people who were around at the time are now dead. Eventually they (mostly Resnick) work out exactly what happened to Jenny and why she was murdered.


The history and emotions of the miners’ strike were brilliantly presented with the feeling of those involved in the crisis leaping from the pages. But, what made this novel so good to read was the way that it pulled me into the lives of the main characters: Jenny with her emotional war between social justice and her relationship with her husband who continued to work and put food on the table; Charlie Resnick as he continues to struggle to come to terms with the murder of his partner; and Catherine Njorage – an ambitious young black cop being stalked by an ex-lover who just won’t let her go.

Everyone who has read any Charlie Resnick novels will miss him, but I’m looking forward to any other novels that John Harvey produces.


Book Published 2014


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