Faithless by Karin Slaughter

‘Faithless’ is the 5th book in Karin Slaughter’s Grant County series, and once again the tiny county is experiencing more than its share of problems.

Chief of police Jeffrey Tolliver and paediatrician and coroner Sara Linton have been continuing to put their relationship back together and Jeffrey is in the process of moving into Sara’s house. While the two of them are out walking they discover a box in the ground where a young woman has been buried alive.

They eventually discover that the victim – Abigail Bennett was a member of the Ward family who runs the fundamentalist ‘Church for the Greater Good’. The family appear devastated by Abby’s death but Jeffrey and Detective Lena Adams can’t be sure that everyone in the extended family has nothing to hide. When a second family member goes missing, they start to focus more intently on the secretive family, and discover that Abby is not the first person to be buried alive.

Meanwhile, Lena continues to struggle with her personal life. While dealing with a personal crisis in the only way that she can think of, she meets another woman and discovers that she is not the only one in an abusive relationship that she can’t break away from.

Jeffrey and Lena work together to discover the identity of the murderer while Jeffrey and Sara try to keep their relationship together despite another major setback. The after witnessing an horrific crisis in someone else’s life, Lena thinks that she has finally found the courage and the solution to her own problems.


This was a very gripping and emotional story, particularly if you’ve been reading the series in order and know the characters. The murders were typically gruesome for Karin Slaughter. I am, however, wondering how much more crime Grant County can deliver. I can hardly wait to continue the saga with ‘Beyond Reach/ Skin Privelege’.


Book Published 2005


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