The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)

‘The Silkworm’ is the second Cormoran Strike novel by Robert Galbraith. It was written before Robert Galbraith was revealed to be J.K. Rowling, so I hope that Rowling still continues with this excellent series.

After solving the Lula Landry case in ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’, Strike’s detective agency gained a lot of customers and Strike decided to only do work that earns the business money (mostly divorce cases). But, when Leonora Quine walks into his office, there is something about her that he can’t resist. She just wants to find her husband because she and her disabled daughter need him back home.

Owen Quine has just completed writing a novel that has upset just about everyone he knows – wife, mistress, agent, editor, publisher and more. After interviewing Owen’s pissed-off victims and making no real progress, Strike discovers Owen’s body. He has been murdered and mutilated in the same way that was described at the end of his book.

Once the case turns to murder, the police get involved and they have no love of Strike after being shown up on the Lula Landry case. The police investigation quickly leads to the socially inept Leonora and she is arrested for the murder. But, Strike is convinced of Leonora’s innocence and must work quickly (and once again in direct opposition to the police) to reunite Leonora and her daughter.

The characters involved in this story are truly bizarre. No-one is too upset at Owen’s death after the way they were treated in the novel.  Strike and his assistant Robin along with some of Strike’s very colourful friends work together to firstly identify the killer, then to obtain the proof required to convince the police and secure Leonora’s release.


Once again the characters of Strike and Robin come to life in this novel. I thought that Robin had placed her job above her fiancé Matthew at the end of the last book, so I was a bit disappointed to see her still going through the same turmoil. I’m wondering if Matthew will last much longer in this series – maybe he will continue on as a constant niggle.

The other characters were completely bizarre, but also made very real by Rowling’s brilliant portrayal. The murderer ended up being one of my least favourite characters but I certainly didn’t guess the identity along the way.

Brilliant book. More please!

See book 3 ‘Career of Evil‘.


Book Published 2014


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