Gillian Linscott Profile and Books

Gillian Linscott is a British author who also writes under the name Caro Peacock.

She was born in 1944 in Windsor, England. Her father managed a store and her mother was a shop assistant. She studied English and Literature at Oxford, then worked as a journalist for the Liverpool Daily Post, the Birmingham Post and the Guardian, then worked at the BBC as a journalist and wrote radio plays.

Her writing shows her love of history, particularly of the Victorian era, with a series of books featuring suffragette detective Nell Bray, and another series (written under the penname Caro Peacock) featuring young Victorian woman Liberty Lane.

She is married to author Tony Gerahty and lives in Herefordshire England.

Liberty Lane series (writing as Caro Peacock):

Nell Bray series:

  • Sister Beneath the Sheet (#1) (1991)
  • Hanging on the Wire (#2) (1992)
  • Stage Fright (#3) (1993)
  • Widow’s Peak (#4) (1994)
  • Crown Witness (#5) (1995)
  • Dead Man’s Music (#6) (1996)
  • Dance on Blood (#7) (1998)
  • Absent Friends (#8) (1999)
  • The Perfect Daughter (#9) (2000)
  • Dead Man Riding (#10) (2002)
  • Blood on the Wood (#11) (2003)


  • A Healthy Body (1984)
  • Murder Makes Tracks (1985)
  • Knightfall (1986)
  • A Whiff of Sulphur (1987)
  • Unknown Hand (1988)
  • Murder, I Presume (1990)
  • The Garden (2003)


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