Richard North Patterson Profile and Books

Richard North Patterson was born 22nd February 1947 in Berkeley California. He studied both law and fiction writing studying at Ohio Wesleyan University, Case Western Reserve University and the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He worked as a lawyer from 1971-1993 including as an Assistant Attorney General, a trial attorney and as a partner in a law firm. He retired from the law in 1993 to work full-time on his writing.

He has won many awards for his novels, many of which are legal thrillers. His novels also address many other social issues such as gun violence, domestic violence, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, human rights, oil issues and terrorism.

In addition to writing novels, Patterson has appeared on several current affairs TV shows and written articles on politics and social issues.

He now lives on Martha’s Vineyard and in San Francisco with his wife Dr Nancy Clair.

His novels are:

  • Eden in Winter (2014)
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  • Loss of Innocence (2013)
    Read Review of Loss of Innocence
  • Fall From Grace (2012)
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  • The Devil’s Light (2011)
  • In The Name Of Honor (2010)
  • The Spire (2009)
  • Eclipse (2009)
  • The Race (2007)
  • Exile (2007)
  • Conviction (2005)
  • Balance of Power (2003)
  • Protect and Defend (2000)
  • Dark Lady (1999)
  • No Safe Place (1998)
  • Silent Witness (1997)
  • Caroline Masters/ The Final Judgment (1995)
  • Eyes of a Child (1995)
  • Degree of Guilt (1993)
  • Private Screening (1985)
  • Escape the Night (1983)
  • The Outside Man (1981)
  • The Lasko Tangent (1979)

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