Skin by Mo Hayder

After the disappointment of the previous novel – ‘Ritual’, it was good to see Mo Hayder back on track with her 4th Jack Caffery novel – ‘Skin’. I even developed some respect for Flea Marley.

This book starts less than a week after the dramatic events at the end of ‘Ritual’ and both DI Jack Caffery and Police Diver Flea Marley are still recovering physically and emotionally. They are also both haunted by a real or imagined ‘Tokaloshe’.

The story begins with the discovery of a woman’s body, Initially it appears that she has committed suicide. The police are happy to close the case and dedicate their resources to finding the missing celebrity – Misty Kitson. But, Caffery is not happy with the suicide verdict and the more he investigates, the less happy he becomes.

So while Caffery finds himself on the trail of another bizarre, deranged and sadistic killer, Flea is dealing with a personal crisis with the potential to be even worse than the loss of her parents. The fallout from her brother Thom borrowing her car has come back to haunt her.

Caffery chases his case on his own, putting off his boss who wants him on the Misty Kitson case. This leads Caffery to a very dark place where he eventually risks his own life.

Flea does what she can to deal with Thom, but eventually finds herself in an almost impossible situation. She ends up doing something that she could never have imagined doing in order to save herself.


The tension in this novel was amazing, with both Caffery and Flea finding themselves in the worst possible situations.

Caffery has continued his relationship with the Walking Man who once again knows more than he could possibly know.

I have already read the next book in the series – ‘Gone’, but can’t wait to read Mo Hayder’s next release.


Book Published 2009


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