The English Spy by Daniel Silva

‘The English Spy’ is the 15th novel in Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series and is one of the most exciting and action packed books so far.

The story starts out with the murder of an English princess (who is modelled on Princess Diana). The yacht she was on is blown up and the bomber is found to be an ex-IRA bomber – Eomen Quinn. Despite his best intentions, his very pregnant wife and his imminent role as head of Israeli intelligence, Gabriel is coerced into taking part in the hunt for Quinn. With past experience in working against the IRA and personal experience with Quinn, the English assassin in hiding, Christopher Keller, is the ideal partner for Allon. Head of MI6 Grahame Seymour is keen to bring Keller into MI6 with all his past sins forgiven.

So, Keller and Allon carry out a worldwide hunt for Quinn. Along the way they encounter and deal with thugs from the IRA and from Russia. More deadly bombings are carried out and Allon discovers that there are personal reasons to get rid of Quinn.

Keller and Allon make an excellent pair with the younger Keller taking care of most of the serious physical activity – saving the body of the aging Allon.

But, who in this story is really the hunter and who is the hunted?


This book is definitely best read as part of the series. There are many characters from earlier books in this story and I think it was good to know their back stories rather than just the brief appearance in this book.

I found that there was far too much emphasis on politics in this book – US & Israeli, Iranian and Cuban all of which was very one sided.

At the end of the book Chiara gives birth to twins – a girl and a boy. So, the next novel should see Allon as head of Mossad and a proud father. I can hardly wait.


Book Published 2015


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