William Kent Krueger Profile and Books

William Kent Krueger (known to his friends as Kent) was born in 1950 in Torrington Wyoming. As a child, his family moved a lot but he spent a lot of his time in Oregon and considered it home.

Krueger wanted to be a writer from an early age. He read a lot and was a huge fan of Ernest Hemmingway. He only spent a short time at university, ending his studies after one year due to major political differences with the university administration. By this time he had met the woman of his dreams, so got married and started work. He worked logging timber, in construction and wrote magazine articles putting his wife through law school while starting to raise his young family.

He decided to follow Hemmingway in his habits – starting writing at 6am each morning. He spent one hour writing at a local coffee shop each morning before work and in this way produced his first novels. He was eventually able to give up work and write full-time. He still starts writing at 6am each morning – 4 hours a day during the week and 2 hours a day on weekends.

When he decided to base his novels in Northern Minnesota, he studied the native American people of the area, the Ojibwe Indians. The main character in his Cork O’Connor series is part Ojibwe and part Irish. The culture and history of the Ojibwe people is threaded through his stories. His most successful book to date is ‘Ordinary Grace’ and is not part of his Cork O’Connor series. He is planning a follow-up book and possibly even a third book.

Now into his 60s, he maintains the discipline of writing each morning. His work has won many awards.


Cork O’Connor

  • Sulfur Springs (#16) (2017)
  • Manitou Canyon (#15) (2016)
  • Windigo Island (#14) (2014)
  • Tamarack County (#13) (2013)
  • Trickster’s Point (#12) (2012)
  • Northwest Angle (#11) (2011)
  • Vermilion Drift (#10) (2010)
  • Heaven’s Keep (#9) (2009)
  • Red Knife (#8) (2008)
  • Thunder Bay (#7) (2007)
  • Copper River (#6) (2006)
  • Mercy Falls (#5) (2005)
  • Blood Hollow (#4) (2004)
  • Purgatory Ridge (#3) (2001)
  • Boundary Waters (#2) (1999)
  • Iron Lake (#1) (1998)


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