Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

‘Rogue Lawyer’ is about a lawyer named Sebastian Rudd who defends people who no one wlse will defend. Many of them are guilty but he still has a reasonable success rate. And for clients who are innocent he is excellent at exposing the flaws in the system that put them on trial. He is hated by many and has received death threats. His office was fire-bombed so he now works from a customised van. He is divorced and fights constantly with his wife about their young son.

I spent the early part of the novel wondering where the story was going. It seemed to be made up of short stories about some of the horrible cases that Rudd had worked on. It took a long time for any sort of cohesive plot to start to emerge.

The early part of the book was mostly about setting up Rudd’s character. If it was meant to make him likeable then it didn’t work for me. I didn’t develop any sympathy for Rudd or for most of his clients.

The book certainly didn’t paint a very nice picture of the US Justice System. Surely not everyone is a corrupt lying bastard.


The story that eventually emerged was interesting but probably not worth the preamble and the constant negativity.

I know that John Grisham likes to write against injustice but this novel just left me feeling glad that I’m not American.

I still have plenty of Grisham books on my reading list, so I’ll just have to pretend that this one didn’t happen.


Book Published 2015


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